Sydney Commercial Facts

There is some huge growth predicted to Sydney's commercial properties over the next five years

Serviced Offices

Office space is in huge demand in the CBD and nearby areas, and growing population encourages growth and development of the industry. A steady growth of approximately 2.8% is estimated during 2014-15, with climb of industry employment by 1.5%. There is an opportunity for small sized players to enter the arena and be able to compete with large property operators.

Commercial Showrooms

With wide range of artists and businesses wanting to display their products and concepts a need in various sized Commercial Showrooms in Sydney is rising. It means that not only the developers, but also retailers of different sizes will greatly benefit their businesses.

Car Parking Sydney CBD

Sydney is known for being difficult to find a parking spot in. Most of Sydney's households have at least two cars, with plans to buy another one in the next year. All this transport struggles to get into the city, but what is even more challenging and unreasonably expensive - is parking. Weekend parking is a no-go on Sydney roads, however even weekdays can be very challenging for those who work in the CBD. There are various plans and offers on how to solve parking problem in Sydney, which means small, medium and large retailers and commercial property managers will be in need.

Commercial Offices

Office space in Sydney is in a very high demand and competition for quality office space, especially in inner city and developing areas is extremely severe.

Sydney Shops CBD

Some of the most luxurious and expensive shops are located in Sydney's CBD, being one of the most desired tourist destinations in the city. Expansion of the CBD promises new retail spaces and thus various new property managers/

Industrial / Warehouse

Developing new Industrial/Warehouse areas in Sydney, such as Alexandria will attract hundreds of businesses over the next couple of years. That means new Indsutrial property managers will be in high demand, providing quality services to businesses that seek Warehouse or Workshop space.

Sydney CBD Hotels

Sydney hosts a large number of hotels that greatly vary in price, location, services and demand and will expand with city's growing number of tourists.

Property Management

It is estimated that Sydney's population will grow up to 5.5 million people by 2026. It is nearly 1 000 000 (one million) people that will need housing. This number will affect new residential developments

Commercial Development

With nearly one mor million to be added to population some large scale commercial developments will take place. These people will need new educational, medical and leasure facilities, as well as shops, service stations, whcih will trigger growth in Commercial Development and Property Management industry in Sydney.

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